bhawa A small group of like minded people  trying to provide a single roof to all artistes, Gurus, musicians, technicians and art-lovers for enhancement of knowledge and exhibition of young talents 

With an enormous number of teachers and dancers, the Middle East has a great potential for building a strong and traditional art field. With a view to bring more opportunities to learn and perform for the young talents in the Middle East we have launched BHAWA in Dubai. The main aim of this venture is to bring in integrity amongst the gurus and students to share the knowledge we possess and to import more knowledge and facilities from India. 

Apart from the internal activities which may constitute workshops and lecture demonstrations by the gurus within the Middle East, we also aim to  conduct such events by the senior artistes from India to enrich us with the latest improvements in dance, music, nattuvangam, choreography, costume designs, make-up, stage designs, lights and sound and also the technical developments related to the art. 

Apart from gaining knowledge the participants are also given a chance to exhibit their talents by performing at our festivals and other events.

BHAWA will also work as a platform to publicise within its members any art related occasions and events.